Special Announcements




Spring has sprung and Past Master Steve Shlagel has returned from Florida.  Right behind him, the heat of summer will surely follow.  How else are we going to get those strawberries for lodge dessert?  I hope all have had a great year so far. 

With summer approaching it is also time to think safety.  We all will soon be spending more time outside.  Please enjoy but do so safely.  Check those grills, lawnmowers and other man tools that have been in hibernation.

We are strengthening our investigations regarding new candidates.  This is in an effort to make sure those interested in masonry meet our moral standards.  In the future, we will add more information in the bulletin regarding candidates with contact information for the lead investigator.  It would be extremely beneficial, if there are any concerns, please contact the lead investigator or myself prior to closing the investigation. 

By-laws have been sent to the Grand Lodge for approval.  I would like to thank those Brothers who dedicated their time to update our by-laws.  Once approved, they will be sent to membership for review prior to a vote.


Dannie R. Bowen Jr.


Good Day my Brethren! The warm weather is finally here! I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a nice long summer. The Lodge has been busy the last few months with raising new candidates’ and watching them rise through their proficiencies, what a sight! If you would like to come out and witness or just lend some moral support, the doors are always open. Speaking of opening doors.

As many of you know we are getting really close to our annual St Columba Golf Tournament, scheduled for 5 June 2017 at Wicomico Shores Golf Course in St. Mary’s County. We still need golfers, so if you’re looking to have a three-day weekend and want to spend some quality time with your fellows Brothers please come out. As we have for the past few years, our charity still supports our local community, the Spring Dell Center of La Plata, MD. You would not believe the gratitude and thanks the Lodge received in past years from our support. To hear their director and staff talk about how St Columba made a huge difference to the welfare and upkeep to their facilities is truly remarkable! Of course, the only way this continues is with your support. If you have some extra time and maybe want to catch up with some Brothers, you have not seen in a while…put a foursome together and let’s have some fun!

Check out the St Columba website for all the details, but this year has a lot to offer…even the golfers! I’m not going to steal Brother Porter’s thunder, but each golfer stands to make out just for showing up to play! Between the sponsors, prizes, and our Masonic comradery, this year looks to be one of the best ever. So, to our Brethren, come out and be a part of the community you represent!

As I continue to harp, you’re always welcomed to come out and have a nice dinner and fellowship…this is your Lodge!

In closing, please remember to think about our Brothers and their family members facing illnesses and recoveries. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Shawn Cooper, SW


This year is flying by and we’ve been doing a wonderful job with ritual work. It has been nice to see many new and old faces returning to the lodge for meetings. There has been an energy in the lodge within the membership and even the youth groups. The growth has been great and I love looking around the lodge room during a meeting and seeing so many on the sidelines.

Our webpage is constantly being updated as well as our daily Masonic Posts on Facebook and Twitter. While not everyone is a Social Media guru, it is fun to see the information we do put out online.

We have some great upcoming events in the next few months with our 20th Annual Golf Tournament, our 3rd Annual Family Baseball Night and of course the Southern Maryland Masonic Picnic in the fall. Not to mention we’ll be having a Table Lodge in the fall also. I promise to perform my duties as the Junior Warden this time! I hope you can join us if you haven’t in a while! Remember, St Columba is your home and you’re always welcome there.


Bro Mike “Spike” Porter, JW


If you have not sent in your dues please note that you can send it to the P.O. Box for the Lodge. The Address is P.O. Box 952, White Plains, MD 20695.  If you have already sent to in or paid at the lodge, thank you.  I will be working with the Past Secretary and current Worshipful Master to ensure there are no gaps.  Please bear in mind that dues are to be paid by the end of January.

If you need me for anything please email me at either secretary@stcolumba150.org

I hope we can get a fast pace on things this year since we have a lot to accomplish.  Stay safe and I am looking towards working for the lodge and all our brothers.

Gabriel "Gabe" Worden, Secretary