Cliff’s Notes (History from PM Ellis)

The three burning tapers were recently restored due to the discovery that they are the original tapers from 1869. Did you know that on April 30th, 1930 the membership of St Columba # 150 voted to electrify them? Next time you’re in lodge take at good look at our historic tapers and realize so many Brothers before us have looked upon those during their first few seconds of becoming a mason!

By-Laws Voting

Updates to St Columba’s Bylaws have been approved by the Grand Lodge of Maryland and it is now our duty to vote on them. Per the Grand Lodge Charter, we have to give the membership a minimum of 30 days’ notice before we vote on this in lodge. So we decided to give our Brethren the maximum amount of time to vote on the changes. Take some time and review the changes and we hope to see you on September 5th 2017 for vote. Reminder, dinner begins at 6:30 PM with our regular communication to follow at 7:30 PM.

 Per the Bylaws, a vote by a majority of the members present is needed to pass these updates. Also, you must be a member in good standing to vote in a lodge.

From the Secretary's Desk


If you have not sent in your dues please note that you can send it to the P.O. Box for the Lodge. The Address is P.O. Box 952, White Plains, MD 20695.  If you have already sent to in or paid at the lodge, thank you.  I will be working with the Past Secretary and current Worshipful Master to ensure there are no gaps.  Please bear in mind that dues are to be paid by the end of January and if you have not paid them for 2017, you are no longer in good standing as a Maryland Mason.

If you need me for anything please email me at either

Gabriel "Gabe" Worden, Secretary

Message from the South



With the summer break is over, it always feels good to be back in lodge and resuming our labor. While we’re putting this out before the summer is over, I’m already looking forward to slapping on the ole apron and diving back in to ritual. This has been a busy couple of months between the Golf Tournament, the family night at Blue Crabs stadium and all the work with the youth groups. Not to mention the big re-write of the bylaws.

Enjoy your summer and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in our next meeting on September 5th, 2017. If you need any help with your catechism or ritual over them summer, feel free to contact me.


Bro Mike “Spike” Porter, JW

Message from the West


Hello my Brethren! I trust everyone is enjoying the summer, the family vacations, time with friends and generally…trying to find some time to just relax! As the lodge is on break for the next two months, please take the time to reach out to someone you have not talked to for some time and just say Hi!

Also, I like to thank everyone who played in the golf tournament as St Columba raised a lot of money for our charity, The Spring Dell Center, in La Plata. Although a lot of the thanks go to all the support to put on this event, i.e. talking with our sponsors, arranging the last-minute details, manning the grill and spending the countless hours preparing, etc. Without doubt, the lodge owes CeCe a big shout-out for all her support…Thanks CeCe!!!!

Please enjoy the summer and stay safe! We hope to see you back in lodge the first Tuesday in September!


Shawn Cooper, SW

Message from the East


                It has been a busy six months; however, summer is here.  I hope all of you have a great summer.  Please try to be safe and enjoy your time with your families.  For those Brothers in the local area and active in lodge, please give my regards and thanks to your families.  Without the support of our families, our labors in lodge would be impossible.

                September will be here in no time.  As usual, we will kick off the fall season with the Southern Maryland Masonic Picnic.  Hope to see everyone there.  Heads up, our Festive Board will be held jointly with and at Oxen Hill this year.  That as well will be an outstanding time.


Dannie Bowen, WM

St. Columba Lodge #150